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Monday, February 29, 2016

Christmas Dreamin'

Getting to spend Christmastime with the people you love most is a precious thing. It was wonderful to have enough time to just hang around and enjoy each other's company without feeling rushed to fit everything in. Sharing meals, playing in the snow, reading a book together, walking through the Arizona sun (in winter)... those are the good times. 

Blogger is not making image ordering easy so I'll just go as they loaded in! Utah was wonderful- I don't know that we did much as far as outings go, but that's how I liked it. More time for sledding in the back yard and hanging out. There's always something to do with these two party animals anyway! It was also so nice to be around Granny as much as we did. She is just a lovely, bright woman and I love her dearly! I learn a bit more about her every time we're together. Nathan and Jen, Graeme, Annie and Toby were near too so we got to see them a lot as well which was wonderful! And these kids love their Uncle James. It was a great time with everyone!So fun to see great friends too!

Papa surprised us one morning and built a tall snowman to greet us when we head out for the day. It was fun watching and wondering when that ball might finally fall off his head. Papa was the official sled master!This guy thought sledding was great, but clearly not as great as eating snow!
Granny is always the highlight of every party!I guess we did go out to a few places while we were there - the aquarium and an indoor play centre with a surf theme. Whaddya think? Will Hailey and Dakota make it to the finals?

Arizona was perfect weather for skateboarding. Hailey was kinda rockin it!

Love this photo of these two!

We even made it out to a trampoline park that was a heap of fun! But the best were the small moments that only come just chillin with your loved ones. Like making fishy faces with Megan!

The kids brought Christmas in to share with Gigi while she was resting and had her try out all their treasures.

This photo is framed in Bill and Cathy's house. Next time we're there I'll have to get a better shot of it. I just love it of Brian and Colleen when they were kids! 

We got to see so much of Colleen, Ken, Megan and Jordan while we were there too. Bill always keeps me laughing, he has a way of brightening up any mood- even if it's with a corny joke, I just love him! Gigi is the heart and constant and I just love when she laughs from the heart. Those are the things that make things special and don't always travel so well over Skype, as lucky as we are to have it! It was a wonderful visit spending time with dearly loved family. Every moment together is a blessing!

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